Impluwensyang Pang Relihiyon, Edukasyon, Pangkultura at Pangkalinangan (1 Worksheet)

Posted on: October 4th, 2011 by schoolkidph

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Worksheet 1

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  1. jerick and michelle says:


  2. Roy Canseco says:

    First off, I think the help your giving students are great.

    Is there a problem with the grade 5 work sheets? The links to the worksheet pdf’s seem almost all dead. Now I was considering becoming a premium member, but I’m rethinking it. If I pay and the links are still dead, that would be sad, wouldn’t it?

    My brother has 2 more years of grade school in AGS, I’d like to help him as I can. If you can help me with this issue, I would like that very much.

    Have a great day,

    Roy (June 27, 2012)

    • schoolkidph says:

      Hi. The website was upgraded last week and is now in Beta phase (as you will see in the logo). I’m still in the process of fixing those broken links (re-pointing links and renaming files), re-organizing the worksheets, adding answer keys to the existing worksheets. I’m working as quick as I possibly could to get to get these errors fixed. The additional worksheets will be uploaded throughout the schoolyear.

      Of course, it would be sad not to be able to access worksheets especially when one’s a premium member. But those who have been with following this website for many years now would know that I wouldn’t let these problems be as I myself use the website for my kids. But I do try my best to get it done as fast as I can. The AP worksheets for example, are being re-linked today and the making and upload of the answer keys should be completed by tomorrow.

      I’m glad you’re helping your brother with school. That’s very admirable of you. You may opt to remain as a free member and still get access to the printable worksheets just as before.

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