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What is Schoolkid.Ph?

Schoolkid.Ph is an online resource for parents and educators of preschool & elementary school-age children. It offers printable worksheets to be used as review or supplemental learning of the child.

About the Worksheets

Most of the worksheets in this collection are my own personal worksheets that I have created and used for my children. They have been used both for enrichment and remedial purposes. Some worksheets are contributions from other parents or members of Schoolkid.Ph.

The worksheets are listed per subject, per topic and per grade level, as set by the worksheet contributor. As curriculum may differ from every school, it is necessary to review the worksheets first before giving them for your child to do. Please make sure that they are appropriate for your child/student to do.  It is also necessary to provide supervision while they are answering these worksheets.

Schoolkid.Ph owns the copyright to all information found on this website. The worksheets in this website are made available to you for your personal use only. Worksheets may not be reprinted for commercial use, whether in part or whole. They may not also be directly displayed onto other websites.

Please refer to the Schoolkid.Ph Terms of Use when you register for detailed information on the use of this website.

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“Welcome to Schoolkid.Ph!

When my oldest son started school, I knew that as a parent, I’d be taking on one of the most important missions in parenting… to get myself involved in the early years of his education that will set his study habits, outlook and motivation for learning.

I’ve enjoyed making worksheets for my son since he started elementary school. I’ve also received worksheets from friends who generously shared them for my son to use. These worksheets have provided him great practice and review for him to understand his lessons better and give him more confidence to do well in school.

With my two younger sons heading to elementary level as well, I saw the need to put the worksheets in storage.But since they were not to use them for a couple of years yet, it seemed to be a waste for those worksheets to be just kept in my computer’s hard drive when they could be useful to other parents as well.

And so, Schoolkid.Ph was born. As I try my best to bring these worksheets out for you, I do hope that you find them very useful as much as they did for me.

Let’s all help our children do well in school.”

school downloadable worksheets founder

Roxanne Flores-Aquino
Creator, Schoolkid.Ph
Mom of 3 wonderful boys

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