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New Worksheet Upload Week of July 8-14

Posted on: July 8th, 2019 by schoolkidph

Here are the new worksheet uploads for the week:
Grade 1 – Filipino
Panghalip Panao – Ikaw, Ako, Siya, Kami, Tayo – New! – 2 Worksheets
Pangngalan – Tiyak at Di-tiyak – added 1 Worksheet
Pangngalan – Pantangi at Pambalana – added 1 Worksheet

Grade 2 – Filipino
Kailanan ng Pangngalan – added 1 Worksheet
Kambal Katinig – New! – 2 Worksheets
Pormasyon ng Pantig – added 2 Worksheets
Pantig at Pag-Pantig – added 1 Worksheet

Grade 3 – Filipino
Pag-Pantig – added 1 Worksheet

Grade 4 – Filipino
Kayarian ng Salita – Payak at Maylapi – added 1 Worksheet
Ayos ng Pangungusap – added 1 Worksheet
Gamit ng Pangungusap – added 1 Worksheet

Grade 5 – Filipino
Pagbaybay sa Alpabetong Filipino – added 1 Worksheet
Diksyunaryo at Patnubay na Salita – added 1 Worksheet
Kayarian ng Salita : Payak, Maylapi, Inuulit, Tambalan – added 1 Worksheet

Grade 6 – Filipino
Pagbabaybay sa Alpabetong Filipino – added 1 Worksheet

Grade 6 – Singapore Math
Fractions – Four Operations with Fractions – added 1 worksheet
Word Problems – Four Operations with Fractions – added 3 worksheets

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