Reading sight words and CVC O sentences (1 Worksheet)

Posted on: March 7th, 2012 by Schoolkidph

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Worksheet 1

CVC O words:

cop cot hog hop hot
jog log mop pot rob
rod Tom top
Bob block blot clock doll
God got job lot
mom not rock sock


Sight Words:

black blue brown green orange
red yellow violet white father
mother sister baby boy girl
apple flower dog is are
an for on in
of and the he she
it they I we you
yes all no there has
have can not zero one
two three four five six
seven eight nine ten


out into under over beside
behind between front toy car
bird ball book chair table
door floor house window everyday
time his her my
your our their me this
that these those play pray
work jump cook drink eat
listen run look see go
say like


home school teacher pencil paper
tree little picture very friend
tail hard soft young old
dirty stout thin yesterday
now be with read
draw color ring write cross-out
box ate told gave went
said saw did who what
where when how see


children people grandmother grandfather room
milk water drink
once then next here day


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